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What happens next?

1. Reach out so we can arrange a time to chat about your wedding and what you are looking for in your ceremony (obligation free!) 2. Confirm your booking and pay a small booking fee to secure my services 3. Meet face-to-face to complete the initial paperwork and confirm details of your ceremony. 4. Ceremony created and sent to you prior to the day. 5. Conduct rehearsal if required (Bells and Whistles package) 6. Get married! I conduct your ceremony and lodge all documents with relevant authorities

How long does the ceremony last?

There is no set time for a wedding ceremony. The average time is around 20 minutes but I always advise couples to set aside at least 30 minutes. Ceremony time depends on the type of package you go with and whether you will include readings, rituals etc.

Do I have to have a celebrant?

Yes, if you are having a Civil ceremony a marriage celebrant must solemnise the marriage according to the legal requirements of the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth).

What if I want a friend to ‘host’ my ceremony?

You can definitely involve other people in your ceremony and have a friend ‘host’ if desired. But you will still need a celebrant present to ensure it is legal. I am happy to discuss options for pricing if this is what you are after.

Do we need a witness?

Yes you are required to have 2 witnesses. Witnesses must be a person over 18 years old and have witnessed the ceremony.

Where can I hold my ceremony?

A ceremony can be held anywhere you decide is appropriate – your home, a park, reception centre, a boat, restaurant, on the beach. Things to consider when selecting a venue: - Weather (rain or heat) and have a plan B ready - Access and parking for guests - If permissions are required by the local council or other authority, or if a booking has to be made - Any events that may clash with your ceremony - Whether you require chairs, tables, aisle or any other props/decorations

Does the ceremony have any religious content?

No you are not required to have any religious elements in your ceremony. However, you can definitely add religious content if desired.

How quickly can we get married?

A Notice of Intention to Marriage must be completed and received by me at least one calendar month prior to your ceremony. If special circumstances exist, a prescribed authority may approve your application to shorten the period of notice to marry.

How far in advance should we book you?

I tend to book couples around 12-15 months prior to their wedding. But please reach out at any time and I can confirm my availability.

Would you conduct a wedding interstate?

Yes absolutely and I have done so in the past. I am originally from Western Australia and I visit regularly, so I often conduct weddings in Perth. But I am open to assisting couples throughout Australia so please reach out and we can have a chat.

What happens if you are sick and cannot conduct our ceremony?

Unfortunately things do happen beyond our control and although I would never wish to miss a couples ceremony I do have a back-up procedure in place. I am lucky to have a network of colleagues in the celebrant world I can call on if I am unable to attend your ceremony. At no extra cost, fuss or stress to you on your big day!

Your questions answered

Emma Langoulant